The Baking Process

We use Wessex Mill Cotswold Flour the leading UK artisan flour millers

They source as much wheat locally as possible and then carefully blend with other wheat's to produce flour of the highest quality.

The Starter

The Starter

Our starter is mixed into a pre ferment using equal amounts of flour and water 24 hours before we need to use it. This is what gives our sourdough its distinctive sweet, sour crumb that is simply not being achieved in commercial bakeries. Natural yeasts and gut friendly bacteria devour the sugars in the flour over the first 12 hours, this creates lots of gasses and alcohol which gives the pre ferment a sweet flavour and beery smell. The next stage of fermentation, from 12 to 24 hours, is where the distinctive sour flavours are developed. After devouring all available sugars and converting them into alcohol, a bacteria called Acetobacter then takes over converting the alcohol into acetic acid, more commonly known as vinegar. This is what gives sourdough its name and distinct flavour.

The Dough

The Dough

Our dough is mixed in small 20kg batches. Each loaf is fermented and hand folded for a minimum of 8 hours. It is then cut, rested and gently shaped before being placed into a cane basket and put to bed in a refrigerator for a further 12-18 hours. Next the loaves are taken from the fridge, carefully turned out onto my handmade peels, scored and slid in to a very hot, steam filled oven. We cook the loaves until they are  dark, blistered and crackling. This is why The Sourdough Revolution loaf tastes so good, it has a well developed sour flavour and a texture that we are truly proud of. 

Simple ingredients treated with care and attention

Our passion lies in simplicity, simple ingredients

and simple techniques perfected.

In a loaf of Sourdough Revolution bread you will find Flour, Water and Sea Salt. To make these ingredients into something special we add integrity, passion, time, personal energy and lots of love and care.

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